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US Legalization, Legal Document Assistance, Annapolis, MD

US Legalization is a private agency that expedites the authentication, legalization, and certification of documents.

We authenticate documents from the Secretary of the State of Maryland,  DC Office of the Secretary, US Department of State in Washington DC and certify them from the requested chamber of commerce, and foreign consulate or embassy.

Our service fee for most non Hague countries is $80.00 for the first and $40.00 for each additional document for the same country. We apostille federal documents for Hague countries from the US Department of State in only 3 business days. Our service fee is $37.00 per document.  We also apostille notarized corporate documents from the state of Maryland on the same day as received. Our service fee is $35.00 per document.
US Legalization accepts to bill medium and large companies.  We accept company checks and credit cards for payment.

The Power of US Legalization

US Legalization is nationally known and widely used by many large companies for their legal and commercial certification needs.  We pride ourselves in our stellar reputation with foreign embassies. We have an exclusive relationship with the Arab American Chamber of Commerce (AACC), US Arab Chamber of Commerce (USACC), and the American Cosmetics Manufacturing Association (ACMA) which allows us to service all of your legal and commercial documentation needs.  US Legalization has the talent, commitment, ingenuity and dedication to get your documents certified fast and right.

 System Processing

1.     Upon receipt of your documents we will email you an invoice and estimated date of completion. Your document will be prepared by certifying it by the state or chamber of commerce if required on the day that it is received. Due to the fact that the US Department of State opens  8:00 AM and closes at 9:00 AM,  your document will be dropped next day of receiving, and picked after 3 business days authenticated by the US Department of State. It will be dropped same day at the designated embassy. The embassy will give us an estimated date for pickup. Our courier will go to the embassy on the given date.  If the document is not ready, the courier will return to the embassy daily, until he receives it (there is no extra charge for this). Within a few hours, your document will be hand carried to the FedEx or UPS and shipped.   You will receive another email that evening stating that your document has been shipped back to you. This process has been streamlined with our years of experience. 

Select a Country

All documents for the countries listed below have to be certified from the US Department of State in Washington DC, and the perspective embassy. Please note that any document which is not in English must include an English translation. The original and the translation will be considered as one document. Please click on the desired country for complete details.

Below are the countries participating in the Hague Convention. Any document for use in these countries requires an apostille.  US Legalization will apostille federal documents from the US Department of State, i.e.; documents issued from the FDA, USDA, USPTO, EPA, US Dept. of Homeland Security, or the Federal Court. The turn around time is two business days. The total fee is $45.00 per apostille for most countries. Please click on the desired country for complete details.


Participating Hague Convention Last updated  9-1-2013

Albania Belize Ecuador Hong Kong Latvia Moldova Romania Switzerland
Antigua Bosnia El Salvador Hungary Lesotho Nicaragua Russia Tonga
Argentina Botswana Estonia India Lithuania Netherlands Serbia Montenegro Trinidad
Armenia Bulgaria Fiji Italy Luxembourg New Zealand Slovakia Turkey
Australia Colombia Finland Ireland Macedonia Norway Slovenia Ukraine
Austria Costa Rica France Israel Malawi Oman Spain U.K.
Azerbaijan Croatia Georgia Japan Malta Panama South Africa Uruguay
Bahamas Cyprus Germany Kazakhstan Marshall Isl. Peru Suriname Uzbekistan
Belarus Czech Greece Korea Mauritius Portugal Swaziland Venezuela
Belgium Dominican Republic Honduras Kyrgyz Stan Mexico Poland Sweden Yugoslavia
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