Embassy Legalization of Documents to

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I have a notarized company document. Read more
• Affidavit • Copy of Articles of Organization • Copy of Certificate of existence
• Agency Agreement • Copy of Certificate of Amendment • Copy of Certificate of Incumbency
• Assignment • Copy of Certificate of Good Standing • Copy of Patent Assignment
• Business Letter • Copy of Certificate of Incorporation • Copy of Trademark Assignment
• Certificate of Status • Copy of Certificate of Merger • Technical Data Sheet
• Power of Attorney • Copy of Certificate of Registration • Certificate of Free Sale
• Distributor Agreement • Copy of Company Bylaws • Certificate of Analysis
• Letter of Authorization • Copy of Board Resolution • Copy of FDA Document
• Copy of Articles of Incorporation • Copy of Business License • Copy of an ISO Certificate
I have a certified company document from my Secretary of State. Read more
• Affidavit • Articles of Organization • Board Resolution
• Agency Agreement • Articles of Incorporation • Business License
• Assignment • Certificate of Good Standing • Patent Assignment
• Business Letter • Certificate of Incorporation • Trademark Assignment
• Certificate of Status • Certificate of Merger • Certificate of existence
• Power of Attorney • Certificate of Registration • Technical Data Sheet
• Distributor Agreement • Company Bylaws • Certificate of Free Sale
• Letter of Authorization • Certificate of Amendment • Certificate of Analysis
• Letter of Resignation • Certificate of Incumbency • Certified Copy of an ISO Certificate
I have an original document that has been issued by a federal entity
(FDA - USDA - EPA - USPTO - DHS - or FBI).
Read more
• Certificate to Foreign Government (CFG). • Certificate of Environmental Protection Agency
• Certificate of Pharmaceutical Products. (CPP) • Export Certificate for Animal Products
• Certificate of Exportability. • Certified copy of Naturalization from Homeland Security
• Free Sale Certificate issued by the FDA • Phytosanitary or Plant Certificate
• USDA Animal Health Certificate • FBI Background Check
• USPTO Trademark Certificate • USPTO Patent Certificate
I need only authentication from the US Department of State.
I have a document authenticated from the US Department of State in Washington DC.
I need only the embassy stamp.
I have a personal document. Read more
All Personal  Documents MUST be Certified from the Secretary of the State in Which They Originated
• Birth Certificate • Power of Attorney • Affidavit
• Marriage License or Certificate • Copy of Passport or Driver’s Licenses • Criminal Record
• Single Status • Court Record • Local Police Background Check
• Divorce Certificate or Decree • School or College Transcript • Medical Letters
• No Record of a Marriage • School or College Diploma • Social Security Administration
• Death Certificate • Teacher Credentials • Permission to Travel document
I have a commercial document ( Invoice - Certificate of Origin )