Embassy Legalization of Documents to

The embassy of Angola requires translation of all certified documents to Portuguese.
The authentication of the US Department of State also has to be included.
The translation does not have to be stamped or signed.
We will authenticate your documents from the US Department of State and fax you a copy of the authentication page.
When we receive the translation from you, we can drop your document at the embassy.
Please include your phone and fax number so we can contact you.
  Please choose , , , , or
I have a notarized company document. Read more
• Affidavit • Copy of Articles of Organization • Copy of Certificate of existence
• Agency Agreement • Copy of Certificate of Amendment • Copy of Certificate of Incumbency
• Assignment • Copy of Certificate of Good Standing • Copy of Patent Assignment
• Business Letter • Copy of Certificate of Incorporation • Copy of Trademark Assignment
• Certificate of Status • Copy of Certificate of Merger • Technical Data Sheet
• Power of Attorney • Copy of Certificate of Registration • Certificate of Free Sale
• Distributor Agreement • Copy of Company Bylaws • Certificate of Analysis
• Letter of Authorization • Copy of Board Resolution • Copy of FDA Document
• Copy of Articles of Incorporation • Copy of Business License • Copy of an ISO Certificate
I have a certified company document from my Secretary of State. Read more
• Affidavit • Articles of Organization • Board Resolution
• Agency Agreement • Articles of Incorporation • Business License
• Assignment • Certificate of Good Standing • Patent Assignment
• Business Letter • Certificate of Incorporation • Trademark Assignment
• Certificate of Status • Certificate of Merger • Certificate of existence
• Power of Attorney • Certificate of Registration • Technical Data Sheet
• Distributor Agreement • Company Bylaws • Certificate of Free Sale
• Letter of Authorization • Certificate of Amendment • Certificate of Analysis
• Letter of Resignation • Certificate of Incumbency • Certified Copy of an ISO Certificate
I have an original document that has been issued by a federal entity
(FDA - USDA - EPA - USPTO - DHS - or FBI).
Read more
• Certificate to Foreign Government (CFG). • Certificate of Environmental Protection Agency
• Certificate of Pharmaceutical Products. (CPP) • Export Certificate for Animal Products
• Certificate of Exportability. • Certified copy of Naturalization from Homeland Security
• Free Sale Certificate issued by the FDA • Phytosanitary or Plant Certificate
• USDA Animal Health Certificate • FBI Background Check
• USPTO Trademark Certificate • USPTO Patent Certificate
I need only authentication from the US Department of State.
I have a document authenticated from the US Department of State in Washington DC.
I need only the embassy stamp.
I have a personal document. Read more
All Personal  Documents MUST be Certified from the Secretary of the State in Which They Originated
• Birth Certificate • Power of Attorney • Affidavit
• Marriage License or Certificate • Copy of Passport or Driver’s Licenses • Criminal Record
• Single Status • Court Record • Local Police Background Check
• Divorce Certificate or Decree • School or College Transcript • Medical Letters
• No Record of a Marriage • School or College Diploma • Social Security Administration
• Death Certificate • Teacher Credentials • Permission to Travel document