For the convenience of our customers we are now accepting payments by credit card.   

We encourage all customers to send their payment in the form of a company check or U.S. Money Order payable to US Legalization.
     We also accept Visa , Master card , and American Express credit card payments in this case there is a handling fee of 5% of the total charges added to the bill.
     This charge is necessitated due to the fact that we must transfer part of your credit payment to the embassy.

     If you already know the total charge you may insert it in the window below, then click on "Proceed".
     If you do not know the charge, complete our online estimator for the certification of your document(s).
     At the end you will receive a total of the estimated charges.

     Then, just insert that amount into in this window
  then click on "Proceed". 

      The total charge including the handling fee is U.S.Dollars.