Apostille Service of Documents to

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Documents Issued by a Federal Entity. Read more
• Certificate to Foreign Government (CFG). • Certificate of Environmental Protection Agency
• Certificate of Pharmaceutical Products. (CPP) • Export Certificate for Animal Products
• Certificate of Exportability. • Certified copy of Naturalization from Homeland Security
• Free Sale Certificate issued by the FDA • Phytosanitary or Plant Certificate
• USDA Animal Health Certificate • FBI Background Check
• USPTO Trademark Certificate • USPTO Patent Certificate
Corporate Documents Notarized by Notary Public. Read more
• Affidavit • Copy of Articles of Organization • Copy of Certificate of existence
• Agency Agreement • Copy of Certificate of Amendment • Copy of Certificate of Incumbency
• Assignment • Copy of Certificate of Good Standing • Copy of Patent Assignment
• Business Letter • Copy of Certificate of Incorporation • Copy of Trademark Assignment
• Certificate of Status • Copy of Certificate of Merger • Technical Data Sheet
• Power of Attorney • Copy of Certificate of Registration • Certificate of Free Sale
• Distributor Agreement • Copy of Company Bylaws • Certificate of Analysis
• Letter of Authorization • Copy of Board Resolution • Copy of FDA Document
• Copy of Articles of Incorporation • Copy of Business License • Copy of an ISO Certificate